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Corrugated packing box for Foshan grobo Housing Office

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Creative Coffee Shop

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Self Service Toy Shop

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Foshan Shidai Baolong City Exhibition Hall

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U22 container street

Project introduction:Project introduction: With the acceleration of economic development and reform and opening up, vacant factory buildings can be seen everywhere in the city. The factory space is reborn, and the outdoor square space is used to build highly distinctive commercial buildings, providing a space for young people to show themselves. U22 Creative Park Container project belongs to BHB "shape group" series. The project positioning is to continue the industrial style of the park's factories, and the target group is young, bourgeois and white-collar workers. It is located in U22 Creative Park at the intersection of Guangfo Road and Jinmao Avenue, opposite the New Metropolis of Dali South China Sea. The road in the park is connected with the main road, and the traffic is convenient. As with young, small property of literature and art as the core in the park leisure blocks in the container as a medium, convey the sense of industrial wind extremely and informal section, open mind, group through the container and the way of modification, built close to the theme of creative buildings, the site atmosphere of landmark which at the center of the park to attract a group of young people yearning for a better life, So as to drive the overall vitality of the park!

Container Creative Park

Project introduction:Project description: Through the transformation of containers, a creative building complex close to the theme is created. The atmosphere of the site exudes by the central landmark of the park attracts a group of young people who yearn for a better life, thus driving the overall vitality of the park!