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Toilet Tontainer

Project introduction:Container portable toilets are suitable for construction sites, workshops, docks, living quarters, tourist areas and other places. It has the advantages of easy to move, firm and durable. Products are made of creative container shape integral steel bone processing, durable structure, beautiful appearance!

Container Chengguan Station

Project introduction:Container city station is a new architectural form, which uses discarded containers as the main building materials to provide a comfortable place of rest and entertainment for urban residents. The emergence of this architectural form not only solves the problem of urban space shortage, but also contributes to environmental protection and sustainable development. The interior facilities of container city stations are very perfect, usually including lounges, restaurants, kitchens, toilets and other basic facilities. In addition, there are some featured facilities, such as libraries, game rooms, viewing platforms, etc., which not only enrich people's leisure life, but also increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of container city stations.

Container book Bar Complex Center

Project introduction:The book bar is composed of 11 containers divided and reorganized, which is very clever. Into the book bar, but completely feel the dull half of the container, instead of carefully designed stepped reading area, activity area, etc., everywhere is full of modern book bar elements and breath.

Container Car Exhibition Hall

Project introduction:The building system of recyclable shipping containers is versatile and can meet the needs of various Spaces, providing a quick solution for the development of new creative Spaces. As an alternative to traditional methods, it can both provide a practical environment and recover and evacuate the land when its permit expires. Not only that, with the development of container construction technology, although the building quality made of containers still retains the nature of temporary buildings, its quality has been greatly improved in real life, so it has become one of the best choices for large and medium-sized enterprises to build temporary exhibition halls, especially in the automotive industry, which is compatible with the industrial style of container construction.

Forest Sea Holiday Homestay

Project introduction:Forest Sea, located at the southern foot of Nankunshan Mountain, as a high-end hot spring tourist attraction in Guangdong Province, combined with the surrounding Nankunshan National Forest Park, Dafengmen National Forest Park, Shimen Forest Park, a total of 400,000 mu of virgin forest surrounded by the ecological environment, guided by the concept of "quiet vacation, fast movement, slow leisure", and characterized by nature, ecology, leisure, sports, parent-child and culture. It is planned to build a comprehensive tourism resort integrating a variety of leisure formats such as hot spring hotels, RV camps, and water parks to meet the needs of tourists for high-quality hot spring Tours. Forest Sea Tourism Resort is the first outdoor sports as the theme of ecological tourism resort in Guangzhou, the planning of the core development zone of more than 2,000 acres, surrounded by six forest parks, 400,000 acres of virgin forest surrounded, is a "natural oxygen bar". Relying on the ecological advantages of the four national forest parks in the north of Guangzhou, the resort is planned to have rich leisure projects such as Forest Sea Hot Spring Resort Hotel, Forest Sea Water Park, Forest Sea International RV camp, Forest Sea Resort Group bed and breakfast, Forest Sea Agricultural Garden, Forest Sea Performing Arts Exhibition Center, international outdoor sports club, and rural revitalization tourism.

Space Capsule Holiday Cabin

Project introduction:Products adopt international carbon steel frame structure, high-end AI-Mn shell body, the overall shape of minimalist science fiction, cute full of fun. The cabin is equipped with intelligent iot system, emotional interaction, and one-button switching lighting system. The Force Cabin is designed with many artistic details and multi-angle giant landscape Windows, just to bring you a beautiful and healing space experience!