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Container book Bar Complex Center

Project introduction:The book bar is composed of 11 containers divided and reorganized, which is very clever. Into the book bar, but completely feel the dull half of the container, instead of carefully designed stepped reading area, activity area, etc., everywhere is full of modern book bar elements and breath.

Container Car Exhibition Hall

Project introduction:The building system of recyclable shipping containers is versatile and can meet the needs of various Spaces, providing a quick solution for the development of new creative Spaces. As an alternative to traditional methods, it can both provide a practical environment and recover and evacuate the land when its permit expires. Not only that, with the development of container construction technology, although the building quality made of containers still retains the nature of temporary buildings, its quality has been greatly improved in real life, so it has become one of the best choices for large and medium-sized enterprises to build temporary exhibition halls, especially in the automotive industry, which is compatible with the industrial style of container construction.

Corrugated packing box for Foshan grobo Housing Office

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Creative Coffee Shop

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Self Service Toy Shop

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Foshan Shidai Baolong City Exhibition Hall

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